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What are the Best Fishing Flies for Salmon

Guides Selection - Top Fishing Flies for Salmon

Best Salmon Fly Fishing Patterns
Green Machine
Bomber - Burnt Orange
Black Bear Green Tag
Blue Charm
Claret Guinea
Coho Simmons
Green Highlander
Munro Killer
Purple Rat
Rusty Rat
Glo Bug Natural
Glo Bug Blood Red
Glo Bug Blood Red Bead
Glo Bug Fluorescent Pink Bead
Antron Egg - Tan
Antron Egg - Olive
Sperm Fly - Light Roe
Sucker Spawn Chartreuse
Sucker Spawn Red
Egg Sucking Leech Purple
Freight Train
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Guides Best Flies for Catching Salmon:

We have polled some of the top fly fishing guides who focus on salmon fly fishing for their selection of favorite "go to" fly patterns. In addition to the above patterns, we suggest reviewing the four following classes: Nymphs - Streamers - Beadhead Nymphs - Special Wet Flies. We also took into consideration the most popular fly patterns bought from FlyDeal over the last decade. You will find the results listed in the tables above. We hope this helps you select the most reliable and trial proven fishing flies for your area.If you have other fly patterns that you feel we should add to these categories, please drop us an email.

Authors Favorite Fly Patterns:
Zonker Natural/Pearl - Bow River Bugger Olive - Double Bunny Black/Olive - Pine Squirrel Zonker Brown - Muddy Buddy - Olive - Skater

Sponsored Guides, Shops and Lodges in Salmon Fisheries:

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