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"Beadhead flies that catch more fish... "
We received a lot of inquiries from customers regarding how to get a subsurface fly
down in the 'deep feeding zone' quicker, and keep it there longer per cast.... 
The answer was tungsten...until the 'Tungsten NymphHead' came along.
A superior subsurface fly...

Tungsten NymphHead Flies
Learn More: Click Here   
Corner Image TUNGSTEN SPECIAL    -   NYMPH-HEAD Curve Image Right
Nymph-Head Flies   Nymph-Head Flies   Sizes: 8 to 18
View larger fly - hover cursor over "popup" or click "fly name"
530H Black Flash Back - Tungsten Add to cartBlack Flash Back - Tungsten
531H Brassie - Tungsten Add to cartBrassie - Tungsten
532H Brown Stonefly - Tungsten Add to cartBrown Stonefly - Tungsten
533H Caddis Larva Olive - Tungsten Add to cartCaddis Larva Olive - Tungsten
534H Caddis Larva Tan - Tungsten Add to cartCaddis Larva Tan - Tungsten
535H Caddis Pupa Brown - Tungsten Add to cartCaddis Pupa Brown - Tungsten
536H Caddis Pupa Olive Add to cartCaddis Pupa Olive
537H Cased Caddis - Tungsten Add to cartCased Caddis - Tungsten
538H Golden Stonefly - Tungsten Add to cartGolden Stonefly - Tungsten
539H Hares Ear - Tungsten Add to cartHares Ear - Tungsten
540H Hares Ear Black - Tungsten Add to cartHares Ear Black - Tungsten
541H Hares Ear Flash Back - Tungsten Add to cartHares Ear Flash Back - Tungsten
542H Hares Ear Olive - Tungsten Add to cartHares Ear Olive - Tungsten
543H Olive Flashback - Tungsten Add to cartOlive Flashback - Tungsten
544H Peacock - Tungsten Add to cartPeacock - Tungsten
545H Pheasant Tail - Tungsten Add to cartPheasant Tail - Tungsten
546H Pheasant Tail Flashback - Tungsten Add to cartPheasant Tail Flashback - Tungsten
547H Prince - Tungsten Add to cartPrince - Tungsten
548H San Juan Earth Worm - Tungsten Add to cartSan Juan Earth Worm - Tungsten
549H San Juan Worm Red - Tungsten Add to cartSan Juan Worm Red - Tungsten
550H Serendipity Black - Tungsten Add to cartSerendipity Black - Tungsten
551H Serendipity Olive - Tungsten Add to cartSerendipity Olive - Tungsten
552H Serendipity Red - Tungsten Add to cartSerendipity Red - Tungsten
553H Zug Bug - Tungsten Add to cartZug Bug - Tungsten
554H Copper John - Tungsten Add to cartCopper John - Tungsten
570H Grabbit Olive Bead - Tungsten Add to cartGrabbit Olive Bead - Tungsten
571H Bouface Black - Tungsten Add to cartBouface Black - Tungsten
572H Bouface Brown - Tungsten Add to cartBouface Brown - Tungsten
573H Bouface Olive - Tungsten Add to cartBouface Olive - Tungsten
574H Woolybugger Black - Tungsten Add to cartWoolybugger Black - Tungsten
575H Woolybugger Brown - - Tungsten Add to cartWoolybugger Brown - - Tungsten
576H Wooly Bugger Olive - Tungsten Add to cartWooly Bugger Olive - Tungsten
592H Biot Stone Black - Tungsten Add to cartBiot Stone Black - Tungsten
593H Biot Stone Golden - Tungsten Add to cartBiot Stone Golden - Tungsten
594H Biot Stone Brown - Tungsten Add to cartBiot Stone Brown - Tungsten
595H (K) Stone Black - - Tungsten Add to cart(K) Stone Black - - Tungsten
596H (K) Stone Brown - Tungsten Add to cart(K) Stone Brown - Tungsten
597H (K) Stone Golden - - Tungsten Add to cart(K) Stone Golden - - Tungsten
598H (K) Stone Rubber Legs Black - Tungsten Add to cart(K) Stone Rubber Legs Black - Tungsten
599H Stone Rubber Legs Brown - Tungsten Add to cartStone Rubber Legs Brown - Tungsten
Curve Image Left   Curve Image Right

Nymph-Head Flies Banner Image

Nymph-Head™ Flies are the Next Generation of fly fishing under the surface.

The Nymph-Head™ design significantly improved the common, round fly tying bead when it was launched in 2007. The simple addition of realistic 3D “nymph eyes” as a key feature is an enhancement that created a more realistic fly profile. It also added 15-20% more weight which greatly improved the sink rate of the fly.

1. More Realistic Fly Profile

Nymph-Head™ beads have realistic 3D “nymph eyes” that imitate the eyes of natural insects. This an improvement upon the common round fly tying bead and enables the fly tier to create more effective and realistic imitations of aquatic trout food!

2. Fastest sinking tungsten beads on the planet

Extra tungsten material is used in manufacturing due to the 3D nymph eyes with the end result being a bead that is on average 15-20% heavier than normal round tungsten beads in the equivalent. There is a noticeable increase in sink rate while fishing getting your fly down to the “feeding zone” quicker!

About Tungsten...

Tungsten is typically about twice the price, but has over twice the sink rate of brass beads, getting your nymph down very quickly into the “feeding zone” and increasing your chances of a hookup by as much as 50% every cast!

Tungsten is environmentally friendlier than lead and this supports the trend of angling communities to move away from the use of lead based alloys.



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