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About the Bass Bug, Fly Fishing for Bass
  Author: Unknown


Bass always keep an eye on the surface and rarely refuse to eat off the top. Bass assume that things that splatter onto the water and then wiggle are alive. These fish primarily hunt by sight and sound. Struggling bass bugs need not look like anything a bass has ever seen to incite an attack. All bass are active aggressive predators. Deer hair bass bugs can be trimmed and shaped to look and perform like a hardheaded cork popper, yet they are a small fraction of the weight. This is definitely an advantage of deer hair bugs over hard bodied bugs. When they are dry, they are essentially weightless. If you are fishing clear quiet bodies of water, you want the fly to land lightly in an effort to avoid spooking the fish.

The only drawback to deer hair bugs is that they will eventually soak up water if fished hard. You can delay the process, but you really cannot eliminate the water saturation altogether. The best answer to this problem is to have a few duplicate flies on hand. Rotating flies allows you to keep bass fishing with a good floating deer hair bug all day long. You can also treat the deer hair bugs with a good floatant.

The flat faced popper bass bugs are designed to "pop" along the surface to attract the fish's attention. Diving bass bugs have deer hair above the head, which has been cut at an angle to make the fly dart and dive into the water when the line is stripped during the retrieve. It makes these bugs appear extremely lifelike. It is best to fish the edges of aquatic grass with our bass bugs. This aquatic grass can be found around ledge outcroppings in the middle of the rivers or along riverbanks. These areas usually hold large populations of nymphs and minnows and thus are very popular haunts of bass. Cast your bassbug tight against the grass bed and give it a twitching action, pause, let it sit motionless for a few seconds and then give it another twitch.

A deadly method for fishing big bass, deep in heavy brush or weed cover, is to swim a fly deep over the bottom structure. Use two to four feet of leader on a fast sinking or full sinking fly line. The heavy fly line will sink to the bottom, pulling the buoyant bass bug with it. Each time you pull or quickly strip in fly line, the fly dives toward bottom and then rises. Because the deer hair bug is buoyant, it will generally swim without encountering or hanging up on structure such as moss beds, sunken logs, brush and rocks.

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