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  FlyDeal - The Best Fly Fishing Flies Online

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Catalog 1 Catalog 1
Dry Flies and Terrestrials
- Dry Flies ride on the surface film. They are replicas of adult aquatic or terrestrial insects. We use water repellant for dry flies as well as thin wire hooks to improve float.
Catalog 2Catalog 2
Hairwings, Parachutes, Dry Stoneflies and Caddis Flies
- Hair wings and Caddis flies are generally great floating fishing flies and sometimes used as strike indicators for a trailing nymph or emerger patterns.

Catalog 3Catalog 3
CDC Dry, Thorax Dry, Spinners, Special Stoneflies, Dry Snelled - The CDC feather has excellent floating ability on a dead drift and acts as an emerged insect on the drag.The feather is found on a duck and has a downy appearance providing a superb wing for a caddis fly pattern.
Catalog 4Catalog 4
Wet Flies, Special
Wet Flies and Wet Snelled Flies

- Wet flies are designed to sink and the wing is generally tied to slope backwards as they represent emerging aquatic insects or small minnows. The wet fly was the forerunner of all other fly patterns.

Catalog 5Catalog 5
Nymph Flies, Complete Nymph collection
- A Nymph fly is generally considered to be any sinking fly that is a fairly specific imitation of an aquatic insect other than a minnow. Fish feed 85% of the time under the surface upon nymphs.
Catalog 6Catalog 6
Special Nymph Flies, Beadhead Nymphs
- Bead head Nymphs have a bead tied into the construction of the fly to add weight and sometimes flash to the Nymph pattern. Most standard nymph patterns can be fished or purchased with bead heads.

Catalog 7Catalog 7
Special Beadhead, Beadhead Stoneflies, Steelheads, Saltwater, Stoneflies
- Kauffman stone patterns will be found on this page. Steelhead and Saltwater flies represent either larger baitfish imitations or eggs that are designed to catch Steelhead and Salmon.
Catalog 8Catalog 8
Kaufman Stones, Larva Lace, Crawler, Swimmer & Wooven Nymphs, Single Salmon - Most of these fly patterns represent some of the specialty Nymph patterns difficult to find in most fly shops. You'll find all of these fly patterns exclusively at Flydeal.

Catalog 9Catalog 9
Streamer Flies, Muddler Minnows, Muddler Marabou
- Bottom dwelling fish like the Sculpin are best imitated by Muddler patterns you'll find in this Catalog. A clipped deer hair head and collar simulates the blunt head of the sculpin.
Catalog 10Catalog 10
Special Streamer Flies, Clauser Minnows, Bass Bugs (Deer Hair)
- The clauser minnows are top choices for striped bass. The Bass Bugs are designed to imitate mice & frogs. Try these for your smallmouth bass fishing needs.

::: Next Generation Nymphing
Next Generation Nymphing in Slovenia - 4 styles to choose from!
::: 4 dz. Epoxy Minnows $40.00
Shad Brook Trout
ShadBrook Trout
Brown Trout Rainbow Trout
Brown TroutRainbow Trout
Details Here
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Wet FliesStreamersMuddlers
SalmonBass BugsDeceivers
::: Fly Catalogs
Catalog 1Catalog 2Catalog 3
Catalog 4Catalog 5Catalog 6
Catalog 7 Catalog 8Catalog 9
Catalog 10
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