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Adams Female
Blue Dun
Bivisible Badger
Bivisible Black
Bivisible Brown
Black Gnat
Black Quill
Blue Quill
Blue Wing Olive
Brown Hackle Peacock
Caddis Variant Dark
Caddis Variant Ginger
Cahill Dark
Cahill Light
Daddy Long Legs
Drake Brown
Drake Green
GR Hares Ear
Eastern Brown Drake
Eastern Green Drake
Mosquito Olive

Griffiths Gnat
Griffith's Cream
Grey Hackle
Grey Fox
Hendrickson Dark
Hendrickson Light
Henryville Special
Iron Blue Dun
King of Waters
March Brown
Pale Morning Dun
Pale Evening Dun
Queen of Waters
Quill Gordon
Red Ibis
Red Quill
Royal Coachman
Sulpher Dun
Wickhams Fancy
Yellow Sally
House and Lot
Ginger Quill
Goddard Caddis Natural
Goddard Sedge Natural
Goddard Sedge Amber
Greenwells Glory
Griffiths Gnat
Caddis Yellow Sally
Midge Adams
Rio Grande King
HL Varient
Mr. Rapidan
Sparkle Dun PMD
Sparkle Dun Baetis Olive
Patriot Dry Fly
Lime Trude
Crackle Back Light Green
Crackle Back Orange
Crackle Back - PMD Body
Isonychia Dun
Comp. Dun Adams
Comp. Dun Baetis
Comp. Dun PMD
Comp.Dun Sulphur
Sparkle Dun - BWO
Sparkle Dun - Cream
Sparkle Dun Male Trico
Comparadun - BWO
Comparadun Callibaetis
Comparadun - Sulphur
CDC Comparadun Blue Quill
CDC Comparadun - BWO
CDC Comparadun Callibaetis
March Brown Comparadun
Light Hendrickson Comparadun
Dark Hendrickson Comparadun
Green Drake Comparadun
Blue Quill Comparadun
CDC Comparadun BWO

Improved Sofa Pillow
Little Yellow Stone Female
Stimulator Black
Stimulator Brown
Stimulator Olive
Stimulator Orange
Stimulator Royal
Stimulator Yellow
Stimulator Rubber Legs Yellow
Stimulator Rubber Legs Orange
Tom Thumb
Trude Hares Ear
Trude Peacock
Trude Royal
Adult Stone
Caddis Cripple Olive
Cripple Pale Morning Dun
Fluttering Stone
Henry's Fork Salmonfly
Madam X
Henry's Fork Yellow Sally

Elkwing Caddis Black
Elkwing Caddis Grey
Elkwing Caddis Olive
Elkwing Caddis Royal
Elkwing Caddis Tan
Elkwing Caddis Ylw
Elkwing Caddis Pck
Elkwing Caddis Brown
Elk Hares Hopper
EZ Caddis Olive
EZ Caddis Tan
Hairwing Dun Adams
Hemmingway Caddis
Peacock Caddis
Slow Water Caddis
Slow Water Caddis Brown
Sparkle Caddis Olive
Sparkle Caddis Tan
King's River Caddis
Hot Butt Caddis
Hi-Vis Caddis Gray
Hi-Vis Caddis Olive
Hi-Vis Caddis Tan
Pine Moth
Hot Wing Caddis Tan
Missing Link Caddis
Outrigger Caddis Olv
Outrigger Caddis Brn
Outrigger Caddis Tan

CDC Caddis Emerger Olive
CDC Biot Comparadun Blue Wing Olive
CDC Biot Comparadun Callibaetis
CDC Biot Comparadun Trico Female
CDC Biot Black Ant
CDC Biot Spinner Callibaetis
CDC Biot Spinner PMD
CDC Caddis Adult Olive
CDC Caddis Adult Tan
CDC Green Drake Emerger
CDC Grey Emerger Loop Wing
CDC Olive Emerger Loop Wing
CDC Emerger Cripple Dun BWO
CDC Tailwater Dun BWO
CDC Emerger Cripple Dun PMD
CDC Direct Hackled Blue Wing Olive
CDC Direct Hackled Pale Morning Dun
CDC Elk Caddis Brown
CDC Elk Caddis Olive
CDC Midge Adult Black
CDC Midge Adult Grey
CDC Tailwater Dun PMD
CDC Comparadun - Adams
Thorax Baetis
Thorax Blue Wing Olive
Thorax Callibaetis
Thorax White/Black
Thorax Slate Olive
Thorax Mahogany Dun
Thorax Sulpher
Thorax Trico
Thorax Pale Morning Dun
Dark Brown Spinner
Pale Olive Spinner
Rusty Spinner
Tan Spinner
Dark Coffin Fly
Sulphur Spinner
Spinner Black/White
Spinner White/Yellow
Trico Spinner Dark
Trico Female Poly Spinner
Trico Male Poly Spinner
BWO Spinner

Midge Black
Midge Brown
Midge Cream
Midge Dun
Midge Olive
Midge PMD
Humpy Adams
Humpy Black
Humpy Royal
Humpy Yellow
Humpy Green
Irresistable Adams
Ausable Wulff
Wulff Black
Wulff Grey
Wulff Grizzly
Wulff Red
Wulff Royal
Wulff Irresistable
Wulff Black/Yellow
Wulff White
Double Humpy - Royal
Double Humpy - Yellow


The Truth About Dry-Fly Fishing
  by William G. Tapply

To some of us, the sport is really quite simple...

Behold the dry-fly purist, with his form-fitting neoprene waders, bulging vest, expensive graphite rod, and fancy English reel. He speaks Latin fluently and spends more time studying insects than casting to trout. He'll be happy to bore you with the hoary traditions of dry-fly fishing, its ancient and honored roots in England where it all began about 200 years ago, where they're called anglers, not fishermen, and where his counterparts still fish by the strict rules of the river: upstream dry flies only - and only to rising trout, the sporting way.

The purist insists he doesn't care about actually catching trout. He's above all that. He'd rather get skunked than demean himself by using anything but a dry fly. Well, at the risk of getting booted out of the Fellowship of Purists, I'll let you in on our secret: We dry-fly snobs like to catch fish as much as you do. Sportsmanship, tradition, artfulness, and aesthetic values have nothing to do with it. We happen to know that dry-fly fishing is the easiest way to catch trout. That's why we like it.

Sure, there are times early in the season when trout sulk on the bottom of the stream. If they eat anything, it's a worm or a flashy spinner or a weighted nymph, fished deep and slow. But trout are mainly insect eaters. They're most vulnerable when they're gorging on bugs at the surface, as they do at least part of virtually every day of the season. At those times, anybody with modest skill and a dry fly that even vaguely resembles the insect the trout are eating can catch them easily. Consider these factors:

1. Surface-feeding trout betray themselves and their precise locations. We dry-fly fishermen know when we're casting to a hungry trout. This knowledge gives us the confidence, patience, and persistence to concentrate on our goal: to catch that trout.

2. We know that when trout are at the surface, their range of vision is limited. Because we can locate our targets, we can stalk them. By approaching these fish from downstream and getting close to them, we are able to make short, accurate casts without spooking them.

3. When trout are feeding off the surface, there's little guesswork to selecting the right fly. We can see what they're eating simply by observing what floats past our waders. We don't need any Latin to choose an imitation; we know that a general approximation is usually close enough.

4. We can see how our line, leader, and fly drift on the water, so our mistakes are visible. If the fly fails to pass directly over the fish, our cast was inaccurate. If it drags unnaturally across the surface, that tells us why he didn't eat it. Whatever we did wrong, we can correct.

5. We can tell how the trout responds to our fly. If he sticks up his nose and sucks it in, we lift our rod, set the hook, and bring him in. If he refuses a fly that floats directly over him without drag a few times, we know we must change flies or change tactics.

6. Even when trout aren't actively rising, they're often eager to take dry flies. Drifting a big white-winged floater through riffles and pocket water is about as easy as trout fishing gets.

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