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Tungsten Nymphs

Tungsten Beadhead Nymphs

Not a distinct pattern, or a design concept in its own right, but just a simple and highly effective variation in fly construction materials. Tungsten Bead Heads weigh more than brass ones (up to three times as much) and so sink faster and lend themselves to techniques that other and lighter fly patterns do not. If your ‘nymph game’ is lacking, then try switching your beadhead flies for tungsten ones.

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Showing 1–32 of 40 results

More about Tungsten Bead Head Nymphs

The use of heavier metals to make bead head flies has been driven to a large extent by professional competition. Modern nymphing techniques originated in Europe, and the combination of weighted fly and reflective or even UV materials has proved to be a combination capable of winning world championships.

The philosophy is this: less concern with natural appearance, more concern with natural presentation. Many beadhead nymph anglers feel that the pattern they fish is not nearly as important as the depth it is fished at and the movement they can impart to the fly. In smaller and faster-flowing streams trout tend to be more wary the nearer the surface they go; they consider the river bottom a safer bet. This is exactly why a heavy and gaudy nymph fly can be successful even if it does not closely resemble an actual insect. If it is cast into an area where insect larvae naturally live, it will attract interest by being in the right place, being attention-grabbing and by moving in the right way.

Ways to fish heavier bead heads

Tungsten Nymphs are versatile: on their own, they can be cast into fast-moving pockets of water to get down through the top current and reach fish looking for insect larve hugging the bottom. Experienced anglers also use them in combination with other patterns (usually a Stimulator) to have a deep fly and a surface fly in and on the water at the same time.

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