hi vis blue wing olive parachute dry fly
Hi-Vis – Blue Wing Olive – Parachute
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Hi-Vis – Blue Wing Olive – Parachute


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A hi-vis mayfly imitation, essential to fishing during spring and summer mayfly hatches. The pink parachute ensures you’ll never lose sight of your fly.

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The Hi-Vis Blue Wing Olive is an important dry fly to include in your lineup of BWO fishing flies. When the water is fast or turbulent there are lots of white bubbles throughout the river. Oftentimes your fly blends right into these white bubbles and it’s hard to keep an eye on. This is when you tie on a hi-vis dry fly. The pink parachute is mostly out of trout’s sight but stands out perfectly for the angler. Avoid the frustration of losing track of your fly and enjoy catching more fish by knowing right when to set the fly.