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Allys Shrimp
Black Dose
Black Bear Green Tag
Blue Charm
Carlson Coho
Chinook Spey
Claret Guinea
Cosseboom Green
Cosseboom Yellow
Coho Simmons
General Practitioner
Giant Killer
Green Highlander
Gary Dog
Hairy Mary
Green Machine
Bomber - Bumble Bee
Bomber - Black

Bomber - Burnt Orange
Bomber - Natural
Flesh Fly - Cream
Flesh Fly - Frost Flesh
Lord Hamilton
Mickey Finn Marabou
Munro Killer
Orange Blossom
Purple Rat
Queen Bess
Red Butt Spey
Royal Coachman Salmon
Rusty Rat
Silver Spey
Thunder Lightening

Glo Bug Natural
Glo Bug Orange
Glo Bug Apricot
Glo Bug Blood Red
Glo Bug Chartreuse
Glo Bug Pink
Glo Bug Red - Bead
Glo Bug Chart - Bead
Glo Bug Apricot- Bead
Glo Bug Pink- Bead
Sperm Fly - Chartreuse
Sperm Fly - Flame
Sperm Fly - Light Roe
Sperm - Oregon Cheese
Sperm Fly - Salmon Egg
Antron Egg - Tan
Antron Egg - Orange
Antron Egg - Olive
Antron Egg - Yellow
Purple Peril
Sucker Spawn Charteuse
Sucker Spawn Orange
Sucker Spawn Red
Sucker Spawn White
Steelhead Bugger
Steelhead Skater
Steelhead Caddis
Skykomish Sunrise
Babine Special
Dredger Chartreuse
Dredger Orange/Black
Dredger Purple
Egg Sucking Leech Black
Egg Sucking Leech Purple
Freight Train

About the Salmon Fly
  Author: Unknown


Choosing the right salmon fly can be as complicated as matching a hatch. There is no definite rule that works all the time everywhere. Some experts preach -- dark day use a dark fly; bright day use a bright fly. This can be a good guide along with: high water use a big fly; low water use a small fly. But like all aspects of fly fishing, when you think you have the sport figured out, you find out just the opposite works best. Some veteran salmon fishermen like to select a fly of a color that matches the overall color of the riverbed. Rivers that flow over limestone or bare rock are often crystal clear. Sometimes, they may have a blue or green/yellow tinge. Therefore selecting flies with the same color like the Green Highlander will meet this rule. After a recent storm or during early spring and late autumn, when the rivers are in full flow, try some of the brighter flies. Use yellow and orange flies for cold days. On warmer days use more inconspicuous colored flies.

Your choice of fly may be based upon the local or friend's recommendation, successful patterns from the previous year, or simply following your own hunch. Others believe that presentation is more important than the choice of flies. The critics can line up when it comes to salmon fishing and salmon flies. "Experts" may criticize a fly because it is tied too full or too sparse, the shape of the hook is too curved or not curved enough, or the fly has one too many gold colored ribs or not enough. These arguments have been raging in the fly shops and on the water since Victorian times. That is one of the unique pastimes of this sport. Everyone has his or her own expert opinion. It certainly makes good conversation around the campfire or over a bottle of beer.

As a rule, migratory salmon and steelhead trout cease feeding as they return to freshwater to spawn. Although rare, they may rise to take flies an insects on the surface. They can be provoked into taking a brightly colored attractor pattern. ('piss-em-off' pattern) When the fish are into spawn, use the bright colors. They may also eat, out of habit, a shrimp, baitfish or prawn imitation.

Vary the speed of the retrieve past a known salmon or steelhead lie. An attack can often be provoked if you incite the hunting instinct of the spawning salmon or trout.

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