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Saltwater   Saltwater Price Rate  Sizes: 2/0 to 10
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1176 Gotcha Add to cartGotcha
1174 Gotcha - Pink Add to cartGotcha Pink
1175 Gotcha - Pearl Add to cartGotcha Pearl
1177 Crazy Charlie - Chartreuse Add to cartCrazy Charlie - Chartreuse
1178 Crazy Charlie - Pink Add to cartCrazy Charlie - Pink
1179 Crazy Charlie - Pearl Add to cartCrazy Charlie - Pearl
1180 Crazy Charlie - Tan Add to cartCrazy Charlie - Tan
1171 Half And Half - Charteuse Add to cartHalf And Half - Charteuse
1172 Half And Half - Blue Add to cartHalf And Half - Blue
1173 Half And Half - Olive Add to cartHalf And Half - Olive
1272 Silversides Add to cartSilversides
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