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Grey Ghost
Ghost Black
Black Nose Dace
Brook Trout
Black Marabou
Dark Spruce
Spruce Light
Spruce Yellow Marabou
Estaz Bug
Golden Shiner
Rainbow Epoxy Fly
Brown Trout Epoxy Fly
Shad Minnow Epoxy Fly
Silver Darter
Little Brook Trout
Little Brown Trout
Leech Black
Leech Olive
Marabou Leech Olive
Marabou Leech Black
Marabou Leech Brown
Marabou White
Egg Sucking Leech Black
Egg Sucking Leech Hot Purple
Matuka Black
Matuka Grizzly
Matuka Spruce
Matuka Olive
Pass Lake Special
Royal Coachman
Mickey Finn
Marabou Gray Ghost
Green Ghost
Wardens Worry
Barnes Special
Parmachene Belle
Hornberg - Red
Hornberg - Yellow
Kennebago Smelt Marabou
Magog Smelt
Montreal Whore/Floozie
Grabbit Olive Bead
Bouface Black Beadhead
Bouface Brown Beadhead
Bouface Olive Beadhead

Egg Sperm Marabou
Bow River Bugger Olive
Matuka Sculpin Black
Matuka Sculpin Brown
Matuka Sculpin Olive
Zonker Black
Zonker Brown
Zonker Natural/Pearl
Zonker Olive
Zonker White/Pearl
Platte River Special
Woods Special
Double Bunny Blk/Olv
Double Bunny Blk/Pur
Double Bunny Blk/Ylw
Double Bunny Olv/Tan
Double Bunny Olv/Wht
Pine Squirrel Zonker Olv
Pine Squirrel Zonker Brn
Pine Squirrel Zonker Blk
Slumpbuster - Black
Slumpbuster - Green
Slumpbuster - Brown
Muddy Buddy - Black
Muddy Buddy - Olive
Muddy Buddy - Brown
Muddy Buddy - White
Wooly Bugger Brown
Wooly Bugger Black
Wooly Bugger Olive
Wooly Bugger Blk/Olv
Wooly Bugger Purple
Wooly Bugger White
Wooly Bugger Orange
Crystal Bugger Olive
Crystal Bugger Black
Crystal Bugger Gray
Crystal Bugger Tan
Crystal Bugger White
Crystal Bugger Chart
Bead Wooly Bugger Blk
Bead Wooly Bugger Brn
Bead Wooly bugger Olv
Bead Wooly Bugger Wht
Bead Wooly Bugger Org
Bead Wooly Bugger Pur
Bead Crystal Bugger Olv
Bead Crystal Bugger Blk
Bead Crystal Bugger Brn
Bead Crystal Bugger Cht
Bead Crystal Bugger Gry
Bead Crystal Bugger Tan
Bead Crystal Bug Blk/Olv
Bead Crystal Bug Ylw/Blk
Beadhead Thin Mint
Autumn Splendor Brn/Ylw

About the Streamer Fly
  Author: Unknown


Streamers are usually tied on long-shanked hooks. They may be tied as imitations of local small minnow like baitfish or as vivid colorful 'attractors' that suggest something alive, edible or a threat. The attractors often will stimulate a predatory fish's aggression. They are generally heavier than nymphs, and the wind resistance can vary depending on the particular fly design and hook size.

Historically, the popularity of feather-winged streamers took root on the American east coast, while buck tail hair winged streamers were popular on the west coast. It is difficult to give credit to any one person or country for the development of streamer flies. Britain fishermen were using the design over 200 years ago. Dry fly fishing was the most accepted form of fly fishing at the time and very little recognition was given to the designers of streamer flies. Fly fishing was a sport for 'gentlemen'. Streamers, wet flies and nymphs were not considered a "gentleman's tactic" for catching fish. Anyone that used them was a "streamer fisherman" and not a "fly fisherman". Over time, these socially oriented views changed. The people lower down the social scale used what ever fly caught fish and eventually immigrated to North America. They took their knowledge of streamer patterns with them.

The word 'Streamer' originally was interpreted as "a feather winged pattern". In the 1930's buck tail hair wing variations were introduced. The buck tail streamer fly wings were made of hair instead of feathers. Small fish compared with tiny insects and crustaceans can oppose the current. Being strong swimmers, they will often dare to enter more open and rapid water. Therefore, fly fisherman can fish his flies almost anywhere he likes: up or down or across the stream, either fast or slow. The fly will be equally effective in all cases, and you need not worry about whether the fly will drag. Large fish will often favor eating young fish instead of insects making streamer patterns a rule for consistently catching lunkers.

Fishing the Streamer:

Initially try a freely drifting streamer. If this does not invoke a strike, try taking home the line very quickly. Make your streamer look like a darting forage fish. Trout are aggressive fish that defend their area in the stream. They can be aggressive all year round, but this behavior becomes even more apparent as the spawning season approaches defending their territory against any intruder. The fly fisherman can take advantage of this time of the year by dragging a big colorful buck tail streamer through the spawn area.

Favorite Streamer Patterns:
Grey Ghost - Black Ghost - Mickey Finn - Wooly Bugger - Epoxy Minnow Flies

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