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These are just a few of the testimonials that we have received over the years describing the quality of our fishing flies. A decade ago, our business was founded on the belief that quality, price and selection were all possible together. We are proud to continue this heritage today.

Our promise: If you have any reservations, simply place a trial order. If you don't like the flies for any reason, send them back. We're confident that this won't happen.

“Your fishing flies are of the highest quality I have ever used! They survive multiple strikes without any damage-they make the thrill of fly fishing even greater. Thank you so much!”
Richard Plummer

“It was great to talk to you on the phone today. I am glad there was someone out there who had initiative and ambition to produce what seems to be an overwhelmingly effective system to supply fly fishermen a wonderful product line at amazingly low prices. I have been fly fishing for 20 years now and started tying at age 10. I never could figure out a way to tie my own flies at these prices. Being able to acquire large quantities of flies at super low prices will definitely increase my fishing trips by enabling me to practice what I preach. I say "if you ain't loosing flies you aren't catching all the fish you could be". Not having to worrying about losing six $2 flies during a morning of fishing tight streams allows me to focus more on fishing where the fish are. Great job on the website, it was streamlined, easy to use, and informative. I will be sure to spread the word around about”
Thanks again,
Paul Cerreta

“I got the fishing flies I ordered and I'm absolutely amazed with the quality of each fly. Superb workmanship! I think I just might give up tying altogether and rely on you folks instead. Since I am new to this area of the country I've only met one fly fisherman in my area though certainly there are more considering how close I am to PA's limestone streams. I'll pass out your cards.”
Jim Williamson

“My Brother Greg just received the trout flies which he purchased from you folks & as a fly tyer myself for 40 years I must say these flies are tied with the most excellent quality all way round...We have 5 of us in our family fishing eastern us streams & 4 of us tie; we are really impressed. Thanks & we are working up another order as we speak.”
-Jim Wigfield

“Received my dry fly order yesterday, and I wanted to say thank you, they are by far the best quality flies for the money I have ever seen. They are magnificent, and please pass on to all the guys that put the time in to them that I said thanks.”

“Yes I have received the 5 dozen flies, I was so impressed by the nymph flies and large streamers that I will remain a customer for the future without doubt. You may expect on going referrals. This was a most excellent e-purchase.”
Thank you.

“This confirms that I have received my first order of seven dozen fishing flies. Needless to say, I am thrilled with the quality of the flies, as you knew I would be. You can be assured that I will pass on the good news about you to all my fly fishing friends by e-mail, or word of mouth. Just for information, my son in law first informed me about your website after he had placed an order with you.
Best wishes for continued growth and success.”
Gerald J. Guerrein

“I received my fly order today and was more than pleased. The quality is great. You sent 1 Doz. extra woolybuggers which I assume is a gift. Was this a mistake? If so, I would be glad to keep them and would ask you to bill me. If these flies were a gift, thank you very much...expect another order within the next few days.”
Thanks and Warm Regards,
Bill Pemberton

“Hey guys, Plan on getting the flies wet next week in Colorado. Although they say the water is really low, I plan on writing a glowing review. They look great.”
Bill Rye

“Hi, Received the order yesterday, as usual the fishing flies are great. They are really tied very well. Took them to work to show my fly-buddies. They were amazed at the detail and how fast they arrived. I gave out all the cards you sent, and started writing your url on paper. I am very satisfied. I have sent your site to about 8 fellow fly fisherman, other than at work. I made up my mind and will buy strictly from from now on.”
Thanks again! Tight lines
Gregory Caruso

“I am very impressed with the quality and of course the price of your trout flies. This is my second order but definitely not my last. You will be receiving another order from me and my buddies very soon. I will tell every fly fisherman that I know, about your business. Keep your excellent quality and the orders will come. ”

“Got the fishing flies, thank you very much. A couple of my buddies are coming over Saturday morning to see what trout flies we have and what flies we need to order for the upcoming season. I did show one of them a sample of your trout flies and he was very impressed with the quality and of course the price. We will probably be putting an order in for about 10 dozen.”
Thanks again,

“Just a note to give you some feedback on the flies I got from you guys. I had my first opportunity to use them last Sunday: went up to the South Platte River (a notoriously tough stream, but premier gold medal fishing in the state) near Denver to fish with the buddies who went in on the FlyDeal order with me. I tied one of your gray scuds on with a Copper John dropper a couple of feet behind it. On the first cast I had a double: fish on both flies! Never happened to me before. I was using 3 pound leader tippet and the fish on the dropper broke off. The other weighed in at 4 1/2 pounds so I was lucky I got it in. I started catching so many fish...have NEVER had a day fishing like this one! My share of the fly order having been sadly depleted in just one day, I'll be ordering more for the spring!”
Best regards,
John Barter

“...I received my flies today, they are beautiful. I am ordering more dry flies immediately.
Thanks for a job well done.”
Forrest Murphy

“Thanks Dan, I do business with you for a lot of reasons but last year when you sent a friend a message that you thought the quality of his fly's weren't up to your standards and you sent him all new ones I was sure this was the right place to buy fly's . I appreciate your good business ethics and no future considerations are required. Very happy with everything top to bottom!”
Regards, Doug

“I just received the trout flies I ordered from you. I must say that these are the most beautifully tied flies I have ever seen. Every one looks perfect. I will be ordering from you again and telling any other fisherman about your super quality flies. This being the first time I have ordered from you, at first I was a little concerned, but now after seeing the quality of your work I feel like "Hey, these beautiful flies were tied for me personally." I'm real happy and can't wait to get them wet.”
Thanks again,
Larry C. Phillips

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