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Premium Quality Fly Fishing Flies, Wholesale Prices

Black Peacock Spider
Black Gnat
Blue Dun
Blue Wing Olive
Black Magic Varient
Brown Hackled Peacock
Cahill Dark
Cahill Light
Cowdung Brown
GR Hares Ear
Greenwell Glory
Green Weenie Bead
Grey Hackled Peacock
Mallard claret

March Brown
Medium Olive
Partridge Orange
Pheasant Tail
Peter Ross
Red Tag
Slow Water Caddis Black
Slow Water Caddis Brown
Slow Water Caddis Grey
Slow Water Caddis Olive
Teal Green
Wickhams Fancy

Carey Special Brown
Carey Special Green
Carey Special Black
Carey Special Olive
Carey Special Peacock
Carey Special Red
Doc Spratley Next Generation
Doc Spratley Green
Doc Spratley Olive
Doc Spratley Red
Doc Spratley Yellow
Woolyworm Black
Woolyworm Brown
Woolyworm Peacock
Woolyworm Green
Woolyworm Olive
Woolyworm Yellow
Hares Ear Soft Hackle
Olive Soft Hackle
Orange Soft Hackle
Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle
Red Soft Hackle
Red Ass Soft Hackle
Yellow Soft Hackle

About the Wet Fly
  Author: Unknown


The wet fly was developed to be fished below the surface of the water. They are constructed similar to streamers and deceivers. Many wet flies are tied slim with the wing and hackle tied back to reduce the resistance in the water.

Subsurface insects with wings are not only visible but a signifcant part of a trout's diet. Many flies commence to hatch below the water surface. The Baetis group of up-winged flies crawl or swim below the surface as adult spinners and will eventually lay eggs. There are times when duns and spent spinners are sucked by the current and forced under the surface of the water. Emerging duns that have not been able to rid themselves of their nymphal case are drowned. They will continue to float sub-surface and are often targeted by feeding trout. The trout will lurk in slack water near eddies and small plunge pools to ambush these floating morsels.

The success of the wet fly fisherman often depends far more on the action he gives the wet fly in the water than the actual resemblance of the fly to a particular insect. The pattern match is not important when the fish are in a feeding frenzy. Wet flies are used exclusively by some fisherman and are very capable of taking fish as well as any other style of fly on the market.

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