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Fall Flies

Best Fall Trout Flies

Our top 20 pick of the best flies for Fall gives you choices for any hatch taking place during July, August & September, plus patterns to attract Trout and Steelhead (both on the surface and under it) even if there is no hatch on.

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More about Trout Fly Fishing during Fall

Best flies for July, August, September

Tried and tested dry flies are always sensible choices to pack and fish as the season peaks and starts to draw to a close. Mayfly, Caddis and Stonefly are all hatching in earnest all over the US, and more generic flies such as the Adams (especially the Parachute variant that imitates spent adults so successfully) can be very successful for all three.

A ‘go-to’ Fall Steelhead Fly: the Wooly Bugger

Whether they’re fresh in from the ocean, or have already over-Wintered and spawned and are making their way back to the sea, Steelhead find it hard to resist streamer patterns – and the Wooly Bugger, despite being a relatively new kid on the block, is the Grand-Daddy of all streamers.

Best Dry Trout Fly for Fall? We say: the Parachute Adams

First available commercially in the early 1930s, parachute flies were nearly over almost as soon as they began. A dry fly that landed upright far more often than not was initially well-received by the anglers of the day. Unfortunately, the extra weight early patterns carried meant that, once on the water, they quickly sank and spoiled the illusion of a winged insect sitting on the surface film.

It took forty years for practical design improvements (the use of lighter materials) to become widespread but, once this happened, the fly fishing community had a concept that could be applied to multiple patterns. Today, parachute variants are available for many of the most popular dry flies. The Parachute Adams can be fished for multiple types of Mayfly as well as Midges or Caddis, and can imitate all adult stages from emerger to spinner.

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