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Bass Flies

What are the Best Flies for Bass Fishing?

Our Top 20 Best Selling Freshwater Patterns

Some anglers swear by Poppers, others will only fish Streamers. Our advice is that there is no single ‘best’ way to tempt a strike from these hardy freshwater predators, so our selection features patterns that imitate a wide selection of the natural prey of both Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.

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Best Insect Patterns for Bass Fishing

When it comes to insects (terrestrial or aquatic), our advice would be that it’s best to stick to flies that represent larger bugs. We sell patterns that will pass for grasshoppers, flying ants (or even beetles), the larger types of Caddis, and Stonefly.

You can browse our whole range of Terrestrial Flies for sale here.

Bass Bugs & Poppers: our Tips

Fishing flies referred to as ‘bugs’ rarely resemble insects: in fact, most of them don’t really look like anything living. A few have a passing resemblance to certain animals, but generally they are deliberately bizarre looking. The idea is to capture the Bass’ interest by being bright and flashy, and – above all – by moving in a way that represents something vulnerable and good to eat struggling at or near the surface of the water.

Our best buys here include more natural patterns such as the Hair Bug Natural or Hair Marabou Bug, but also far more lurid patterns such as the Flashtail Popper in Chartreuse, bright yellow or blue.

Amphibians & Invertebrates

Adult bass will eat shrimp, and also amphibians such as newts and even frogs if they get the chance. Some of our favorite flies to fish here are:

  • Swimming Frog (a brighter and slightly less representative pattern, often best used in more murky water);
  • Hair Frog (a darker and more representative amphibian lure for clearer / cleaner waters);
  • Crayfish Brown (a naturally-colored fly that represents these commonly-found invertebrates); and
  • Crayfish Orange (very rare in the wild but, again, a good choice when underwater visibility is poor).

Minnows, Muddlers & Streamers

Muddlers are generally tied and thrown to resemble ‘minnows’ (a term used to refer either to juvenile game fish or just smaller species that larger fish prey on), and two of our favorites for Bass are the Muddler Gold and Muddler Silver. Streamer patterns such as these are best fished with plenty of movement close to the surface, to mimic the movement of a small fish darting around.

Check out more Muddlers for sale here – and there are more Streamers for sale here.

Don’t Forget Small Animals

Small mammals that are in the water (whether by accident or on purpose) are fair game for mature Smallmouth and Largemouth bass. Surface fishing with either our Mouse or Rat patterns as the light is fading, or even after dark, can lead to exciting strikes from bigger fish that tend to be more nocturnal in their hunting habits – particularly at brighter and hotter times of the year.

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