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Dry Flies / Drakes

Drakes and other Dry Flies For Sale

For many anglers, dry flies are synonymous with the true art of fly fishing. We have a wide range of dry patterns for sale, representing the huge variety of different insects that Trout and other freshwater fish like to feed on throughout the US as well as elsewhere in the world.

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Showing 1–32 of 34 results

More about Green Drakes

Drake is common name used across the English-speaking world for quite a few different species of larger Mayfly: the origin of the name lies in the tail feathers taken from a male duck that were traditionally used to make dry fishing flies. In the US, both Eastern and Western Green Drakes are three tailed mayflies, but they are not closely related and look and behave differently.

Green drakes are large mayflies that hatch mainly in May and June (although into August on spring creeks and as late as September at higher altitudes). Depending on where you fish, you will encounter either the Eastern or Western Green Drake, and there are a few differences in their behavior that are worth noting. What they have in common is that they provide a seasonal bounty that can often tempt large trout that would normally only be active nocturnally and interested in minnows.

Eastern Green Drakes

Eastern Green Drakes are the larger of the two: adults have pale yellow wings with dark veins, creamy legs and thorax, and bodies that are creamy underneath and grey/brown on top. As nymphs they are ‘burrowers’, living in slower flowing waterways with soft bottoms. Hatches tend to last from morning to mid-afternoon or even early evening. Although the nymphs rise to the surface quickly to emerge as adults, they linger on the surface for quite some time before making their maiden flight to land. Just a few days later they will return to mate in swarms before dying.

Western Green Drakes

Western Green Drakes have dark grey wings and a bright olive green body on hatching, which quickly turns dark olive or brown. As nymphs they are ‘crawlers’ and, before they hatch, they will first make their way to more shallow water where they sometimes make a few practice runs to the surface before emerging. Hatches normally start late mornings and last three to four hours, but sometimes only an hour on a bright sunny day.

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