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Black Gnat – Parachute
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Black Gnat – Parachute

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This is a universal dry fly pattern to tie on when any small black flies are hatching. Use a Black Gnat parachute to match a multitude of different hatches throughout the season.

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The Black Gnat is a very universal fly for trout by itself, however is often difficult to see on the water as it drifts down the riffles. Use this Black Gnat with a parachute style wing to help make the fishing fly a bit more visible on the water. Throughout the season there is commonly a lot of small black insects hatching. The Black Gnat dry fly is the answer to a multitude of different black fly hatches. Tie on one of these flies when you are having a hard time matching the hatch. Effective when fished as dry fly, however can also be productive fishing just under the skim as an emerger when it sinks on the drift. Cast this fly upstream, let it drift and wait for the strike!