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About Our Flies

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Premium Quality Fishing Flies at Wholesale Prices

Fly Deal offers top quality hand-tied fishing flies, crafted by some of the best tyers in the industry. Our flies have been fished all over the world in some of the toughest conditions imaginable, including the World Fly Fishing Championships.

What’s the catch?

As you have probably noticed, our flies are cheaper than other companies, including wholesale distributors. How can we do this?  Unlike our competitors, we don’t factor in what’s known in the trade as ‘tiered pricing’ (where the price per unit depends on the number of units ordered). We do have a selection of our best-selling flies ready to ship from the US, and you can order these in smaller quantities from our Express website. But, so long as you can wait a few weeks for them to be produced, then you can enjoy factory direct prices through the Half Buck Fly Shop.

Direct from the manufacturer to you

Our highly efficient manufacturing and distribution process means we can ship expertly-tied fishing flies direct to customers anywhere in the world for wholesale prices. That’s been our ethos since we started trading in 1998, it’s why we went into business in the first place, and it’s why we chose our name: we’re the original online Fly Deal.

Bulk Orders for Wholesalers & Distributors

If you’re looking for a new fly supplier, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s a list of the questions we tend to get asked most often…

At these prices, are the flies good quality?

This is the question we get asked the most by potential distribution partners. Many of our competitors market their more expensive offering by repeating the mantra that you ‘get what you pay for’. That’s not a bad rule of thumb – but it doesn’t apply to Fly Deal. Here’s why.

We don’t just sell in bulk to other wholesalers, distributors and retailers. We sell individual packs of a dozen flies direct to amateur anglers, enthusiasts and guides. We ship sample packs of three, two – or even just a single fly – to customers via our domestic express shipping outlet. No matter the route it takes to the individual angler, the fly that they tie to the end of their rod is EXACTLY the same product, every single time. Our customers are exacting, and we have thousands of happy ones who have been buying direct  from us for many years.

We supply our expert fly tyers with the best hooks, feathers and other materials. We primarily use Tiemco, Kumho and Mustad hooks for trout patterns, and all saltwater patterns are tied on quality stainless steel hooks. So, whether it’s one fly or twelve thousand, ALL our customers can buy with confidence, knowing that their flies will be professionally tied using premium materials and be properly secured to be durable out on the water.

Flies come from abroad.  Why don’t I get mine there too?

If you compare Fly Deal with other US suppliers, we typically provide the lowest prices anywhere.  Some overseas suppliers will quote lower prices.  However once you factor in the additional resource requirements and risks, we think you’ll quickly find this normally isn’t the best path. 

With Fly Deal, enjoy these benefits:

  • you have a US-based point of contact for your order;
  • we deal with US Fish & Wildlife, US Customs, etc;
  • we handle the supply chain and all international communication.
When you order in bulk from us, we manage the production manager role for you.  Without direct supply chain management there are significant risks with quality and accuracy.  There is a tendency for unreliable results.  Our role is to operate in the background of your business, maintaining reliability and consistency with your flies.

What volume can you ship?

There’s pretty much no limit: from a single dozen to 10,000 dozen.  We currently have over 200 full-time tyers, quality control, packaging, and operational team members.  We are well established to be able to handle any volume production requirements.

What about custom flies?

We offer all of our customers custom fly tying – from a dozen flies upwards. If there’s a particular pattern in demand locally to you, our experts will do our best to replicate it for you.

What about Pre-Season Orders?

Many of our US fly shop partners typically buy flies in the Fall for delivery in the Spring. Talk to us about your business needs and let us know what you have in mind.

What about branding?

We can request that no labeling or information be used for your flies. They will arrive in small white boxes or clear bags with just the pattern name, hook size and quantity labeled.  For larger volume partners, we do offer packaging options with your own branding.

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