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Fly Fishing Tippet to Hook Size Chart

If you’re a novice angler looking to get started, we recommend you head on over to our Tippet & Leader page. We stock premium quality tapered Leaders in sizes 4X, 5X and 6X together with matching Tippet, covering you for hook sizes 10 through 22.

We hope more experienced anglers will find the following chart useful when wondering which Tippet size is compatible with their chosen fly pattern’s hook size.

The X system for Tippet sizes (diameter)

Tippet rated 0X has a diameter of 0.011 of an inch. This is the baseline from which we work upwards in X value and downwards in diameter. The ‘X’ system becomes easier to understand once you grasp the following:

  • the high the number, the thinner the Tippet; and
  • with each whole number change upwards for X, subtract 0.001 from the diameter.

So, if 0X is 0.011 of an inch, then 1X is 0.010, 2X is 0.009, and so on.

Please note: the ‘Pound Test’ column is an indication of the typical weight that can be supported over nine feet, but this is only a general estimate and will vary from product to product. We would recommend that you do not buy Tippet which does not come with pound strength test information clearly stated. The values for 4X, 5X and 6X below are correct for each of different Tippets that we ourselves keep in stock.

Tippet DiameterHook SizePound Test
.011″ – (0x)1/0 – 414 lbs
.010″ – (1x)4 – 812 lbs
.009″ – (2x)6 – 1010 lbs
.008″ -(3x)10 – 147 lbs
.007″ – (4x)10 – 145 lbs
.006″ – (5x)14 – 184 lbs
.005″ – (6x)18 – 223 lbs
.004″ – (7x)18 – 282 lbs
.003″ – (8x)18 – 281 lb
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