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Online Courses

Online Fly Fishing Courses

One of the most powerful things you can bring to your fly fishing expeditions is knowledge. These online courses condense decades of experience into simple, clear, easy to follow guides, putting the information you need right at your fingertips. Join over 10,000 other students investing in their knowledge and take the express route to the essential information that will make you a more successful and more satisfied angler today.

Entomology Course

An in-depth course in eight parts: content includes text, underwater photographs, diagrams and ‘how to’ videos. The aim is to make you more acquainted with the insect life in river systems. Learn to recognize the important insect species present, wherever you fish. Then, pick the appropriate fly pattern to match them, and learn how to fish that fly so that you present it in the correct manner.

Craft Your Fly Box Course

Ever wished you’d packed different flies in your box before leaving home? Tired of packing everything and spending too much time worrying about which fly you should tie on? Intended for those who want to catch more Trout, this course gives you vital knowledge on aquatic insect life cycles and how they relate to different seasons, before showing you how to apply that insight to your personal decision-making process, helping you to purchase and pack the right flies for your fishing trips all year round.

Top Trout Flies Course

This course takes a deep dive into ten world-famous Trout fly fishing patterns. You’ll learn the following for each fly:

  • the origin of the pattern, its history and its legacy;
  •  exactly why it works so well when fly fishing for Trout;
  • the insect(s) it represents, their habits and their life cycles;
  • how to make adjustments to the basic concept to better imitate different insects.
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