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Saltwater Flies

What are the Best Saltwater Flies?

Our Top 20 Best Sellers

If you’re looking for encounters with bigger fish then saltwater is the best place to find them. From Sea Trout to Bonefish and Tarpon, US coastal waters present plenty of opportunity for angling excitement. We have a wide range of tried and tested streamers for sale to help you get the most out of your next saltwater adventure.

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Natural materials are more easily corroded by salt, so the saltwater flies we sell rely on synthetic materials. These are longer-lasting, allow modern colors like neon to be achieved more easily, and provide more options to our tyers when it comes to qualities like stiffness, resulting in flies that create more movement in the water.

Clousers, Deceivers and other Streamers

No ‘best of’ fly selection for saltwater would be even half complete without some Clouser or Deceiver patterns. Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh’s original concepts have given rise to a whole dynasty of descendants and derivatives including other famous flies such as the Clouceiver, the Half & Half and the Silversides. The main difference between patterns in the family is color; different combinations best match the appearance of baitfish in different locations. These are bright and brashly colorful patterns designed to attract large predatory fish not only visually but also with the vibrations they create when fished on active retrieves.

The Crazy Charlie

Originally conceived and tied in the Bahamas to represent the anchovy fry that Bonefish prey on, the Crazy Charlie soon spread to the Caribbean and Florida, and is today recognized as one of the best saltwater flies you can buy for Bonefish and Permit worldwide.

The Seaducer and the Gotcha

For those who prefer to fish close to the surface, or in just a few feet of water, the Seaducer’s light weight and neutral buoyancy lends itself to gentle casting and slow retrieves. Another essential pattern to buy if you want to try for wary fish in the shallows is the Gotcha, with its upwards facing hook to prevent fouling on the bottom. It’s light enough to land softly and sink slowly, and many anglers feel that the bright pink is a ‘trigger’ color for Bonefish in particular.

Tarpon Flies

Commonly regarded as the most exciting inshore game fish, Tarpon have a reputation for throwing hooks. If you’re heading to waters where they are present then we’d recommend you purchase some Tarpon flies and prepare yourself for a real challenge. Two of our favorites for Tarpon are the Red/Grizzly and the Orange/Blue.

Check out our full range of Clouser / Deceiver patterns for sale here.

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