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Spring Flies

Best Trout Flies for Spring Fishing

Our top 20 Spring fly collection for Trout features a careful selection of some winning nymph patterns, a great Midge dry fly for use no matter the season, and two more classic dry flies to help you match early Caddis and Mayfly hatches.

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More about Fly Fishing in Spring

Best Flies for January, February & March

Although Midges can and do hatch when snow is falling (which is why we’ve included the Griffiths Gnat), the first two months of the year are really the best time to use nymph flies to fish for Trout. Our choice includes different colors and sizes of four perennial favorites: heavier flies that can get down to where the fish are when the water is cold and they are less active.

March is generally when hatches begin

At this time of year, emerging insects tend to have darker and more earthy colors, to better blend in with bare branches and rock. Although Blue Winged Olives can hatch before March, it’s not until then that they start in earnest, and it’s March that also sees the Little Black (and other) Caddis make their first appearance.

The sun may be out, but the air and water are not yet warm. Consequently, emergers will stay on the surface for longer as they dry their wings, making dry flies a very viable option. But don’t forget to try our nymph patterns if you’re not having any luck – or even if you are. Many anglers report even greater success fishing hatches with nymphs at this time of year.

Our pick for late Spring: The March Brown

In many parts of the US the two most common different species of Mayfly referred to as March Brown provide the year’s first hatches from larger types of Mayfly, but the pattern that bears the same name is also a great all-round fly for other early emergers such as darker Caddis. Unlike many other Mayfly, March Browns are not put off by bad weather, and a cold wet day is often prime time for a hatch.

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