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Migratory Salmon are typically seen from late Summer through to Fall. Although the best-known ‘runs’ take place in Alaska, they also happen in Eastern and Midwestern states, and in many of the waterways that lead to the Pacific. Here’s a quick run-through of our favorite flies and types of pattern to buy and pack.

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Given that they stop eating before making a run, no-one knows exactly why Salmon take flies in freshwater. Depending on the pattern, you could be stimulating their hunting or territorial instincts, or just presenting the opportunity of some easy protein.

Egg Flies to Buy for Salmon

Egg flies come in for criticism from some quarters, mainly for making things ‘too easy’. In a way this is fair comment, as they can be ridiculously effective fished dead drift with the current. We prefer brightly colored orange/red patterns because these colors best represent the majority of fresh fish eggs. Don’t let anyone tell you that these are ‘not traditional Salmon flies’: patterns such as the Egg Sucking Leech can be traced back nearly three hundred years.

You can browse our full collection of Egg Flies for sale here.

Classic Salmon Streamers

Streamer flies create the illusion of a prey animal, most often a small fish. They can either be cast slightly deeper to imitate a bait-fish moving slowly against the current, or near the surface to indicate a nervous or injured fish moving quickly or erratically. Our pick here includes one dark pattern, as these perform well in bright, clear waters. However, given that in the US peak Salmon season tends to coincide with increasing rainfall and waterways that are cloudy from runoff and stirred-up sediment, we find that brightly-colored (and surprisingly simple) patterns tend to work best most of the time.

To view a wider selection of Streamers for sale, click here.

Wet & Dry Flies to buy for Salmon

A representative shrimp pattern can work well from Summer through to Fall, and our wet fly picks for Salmon include two classics – the General Practitioner and Ally’s Shrimp. Then there’s the macabre but also effective ‘Flesh Fly’, which mimics a floating lump of Salmon flesh. If you like soft hackle patterns best, then we’d recommend the Black Dose (dark, as the name suggests), Royal Coachman Salmon (medium, earthy tones) and the Munro Killer (brightly colored) to give you plenty of options. Finally, there are the Green Machine and the Bomber: hybrids in a sense, given that they can be fished successfully as both surface and subsurface flies.

Do check out more Wet Flies here – and we also have more Dry Flies for sale here.

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