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Fly Assortments

Fishing Fly Assortments

Picking the right flies can be intimidating. There are hundreds of popular patterns, and these have given rise to thousands more variants and derivatives. You can end up buying far too many flies, and then waste much of your day at the river or lake bewildered by choice and not sure exactly what to tie on and when.

We developed our collection of fly assortments to help cut through that confusion, by providing you with hand-picked selections of flies that are proven to work in a range of different situations. With two decades of industry experience to draw on, these collections are an ever-evolving reflection of our ongoing dialog with fly fishing professionals, enthusiasts and stockists.

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Showing 33–58 of 58 results

Showing 33–58 of 58 results

Shop by location

We have collections for many areas, including:

  • Northeast (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont);
  • Atlantic (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia);
  • East Central (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Wisconsin);
  • South Central (Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas);
  • Southern (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina);
  • West Central (Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota);
  • Midwest (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah);
  • Western (California, Nevada);
  • Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming);

Shop by season

We have put together eight seasonal fly assortments: our standard Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter collections each feature six essential patterns, whereas our Deluxe assortments each feature twelve patterns. You can find out more about each selection, read about our ‘pick’ for each season, and the other flies we recommend specifically for the time of year here: Spring flies, Summer flies, Fall flies and Winter flies.

Shop by style

There are patterns that lend themselves to different seasons, or different areas. There are also those that lend themselves to different styles of fly fishing, whatever the time or place. We have six ‘concept’ collections, selections of flies that are intended to:

  • Make Them Rise – traditional dry flies for those who like to tempt fish to the surface, especially for Trout fishing;
  • Go Subsurface – both classic and modern nymphs for deep water action, together with some killer wet flies (again aimed particularly at those fishing for Trout);
  • Meet in the Middle – a collection made up primarily of wet flies for all depths, with a few famous dry patterns also.

Shop by insect species

All freshwater game fish are tuned to seasonal insect hatches in their waters. We have collections (each containing six classic patterns and eighteen flies in all) to allow you to ‘match the hatch’ for:

  • Caddis (dry flies / emergers); and
  • Stonefly (both nymphs and emergers).

Shop by pattern type


If you’ve not tried late season fishing with terrestrial flies you could be missing out: some stretches of water don’t have many (or indeed any) insect hatches, but will see plenty of land-based bugs end up in the water at certain times of year. Bring along our ‘Classic Terrestrials’ collection and give yourself options if there’s no hatch on.

Wet Flies / Soft Hackle

We have a selection of well tested soft hackle patterns – these are justifiably famous ‘household name’ flies that have been used to great effect by generations of anglers.

Wooly Buggers (aka Woolly Buggers)

Last – but by no means least – we have an assortment of what might be one of the most effective and also versatile patterns of the late 20th Century: the Wooly Bugger. As well as the original design, we’ve included a few exciting variants on this modern classic.

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