damsel tan parachute dry fly
Damsel Tan – Parachute
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Damsel Tan – Parachute


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A stillwater fly for imitating lighter colored Damselflies which can be found near lakes and ponds. A great fly in the summer for catching a variety of different fish.

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A great alternative to the Blue Damsel. The Tan Damsel will be swallowed by trout, bass, carp, and bluegill. Damsels are some of the most fun dry flies to fish and in the summertime, they’re everywhere. A Great fishing fly all -around, the Tan Damsel imitates the tan dragon fly-like insects that swarm around stillwater. Imitate a damsel in any way you like, if the fish are feeding on them, they will inhale this fly with the same aggressiveness as a streamer bite.