foam wing dubbed male trico parachute fly
Foam Wing, Dubbed-Male Trico – Parachute
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Foam Wing, Dubbed-Male Trico – Parachute


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A high floating hi-vis emerger pattern that imitates common mayflies. An excellent pattern for targeting hatches throughout the year.

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The Foam Wing, Dubbed-Male Trico is one of the best flies for imitating the trico mayfly. These insects have black bodies and white wings and are often tiny. They hatch year-round and can be found in the winter and summer. The best sizes of these trout flies are 16 and smaller, so they don’t fair too well on their own. But when tied behind a larger dry fly, they are a winner. Fish them with light tippet and dead drift on a dry-dropper set up and you’re golden. Have a few in your box for year-round fishing.