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Leader/Tippet Assortment – Anglers Top
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Leader/Tippet Assortment – Anglers Top

$34.99 $21.95

This assortment consists of the following 6 items:

  • (1) Tapered Leader, 4X
  • (1) Tapered Leader, 5X
  • (1) Tapered Leader, 6X
  • (1) Mono Tippet, 4X
  • (1) Mono Tippet, 5X
  • (1) Mono Tippet, 6X

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The Angler’s Select Assortment of monofilament tapered leaders and mono tippet in the most popular strengths (4X, 5X, 6X) are must have items for any fly vest. The leaders are 9′ and the spools of tippet are 50m each.