serendipity red beadhead nymph fly
Serendipity Red – Bead Nymph
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Serendipity Red – Bead Nymph


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This fishing fly in red is an incredible midge imitation or just a great attractor. Very productive on stillwaters as well as tailwaters.

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The red Serendipity is a pattern that can be used as a blood red midge imitation or just simply as an attractor in other hatches. This trout fly in red will always standout in a blue winged olive hatch as well as a caddis hatch. Often changing the color of your fly can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. This red fishing fly is a great choice to tie on when you feel like you need your fly to be set apart from the naturals or when the midges or mayflies in the water are taking on a reddish tone.