chironomid black beadhead nymph
Chironomid Black – Bead Nymph
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Chironomid Black – Bead Nymph


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A unique midge that can be fished as a nymph in fast water and an emerger in slow water. An essential fly for fishing canyons and any pocket water where the river’s run is dynamic.

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The Chironomid is a unique midge pattern that resembles a Zebra Midge but with the addition of a tail. This allows for the trout fly to ride right beneath the surface and appears as an emerger. The beauty of this fishing fly is that when you cast it into fast water, it works as a traditional nymph and gradually sinks. Using this fly as your lead nymph in deep waters is effective, especially when you need to first get the attention of trout in the river. If you have Zebra Midges, which we’re sure you do, you should include some Chironomids beside them.