half back beadhead nymph
Half Back – Bead Nymph
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Half Back – Bead Nymph

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An all around great nymph that will work during a variety of hatches. It can imitate damsel, dragon, mayfly, and calibaetis nymphs.

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The Half Back is a buggy nymph for imitating a variety of insects during their nymphal stage. An all-around great fishing fly for targeting any fish in practically any water. The addition of the bead head makes it excellent at getting down into the pockets of fast water. Not only a trout fly, the Half Back is also productive at catching other fish like carp. Casting these fishing flies below an indicator of dry fly at a 45-degree angle upstream from a feeding fish will often result in a bite. One of the best flies to go alongside your row of Pheasant Tails and other buggy nymphs.