glass bead rainbow warrior rainbow nymph
Glass Bead Rainbow Warrior – Rainbow
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Glass Bead Rainbow Warrior – Rainbow


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One of the best attractor nymphs and the first choice of many as their lead nymph for year-round fly fishing. An essential nymph to every fly box worth its weight.

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The Glass Bead Rainbow Warrior is one of few renditions of the effective attractor nymph. This is a lighter nymph than the popular metal bead head version but works just as well. One of the best choices for fishing during the winter. During this time of year, tie a large rainbow warrior as the lead fly and smaller mercury midges below. With an indicator and dead drifts, this setup will provide the answer for “How to catch fish in the winter?”. During the warmer months, these are also productive in areas were fish see a lot of flies. Have these in your box year-round, you’ll want a bunch, thankfully they don’t take up too much room.