lightning bug flash beadhead nymph
Lightning Bug Flash – Beadhead
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Lightning Bug Flash – Beadhead


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One of the best attractors flies and essential for any multiple nymph rig. Productive year-round, especially in murky waters.

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The Lightning Bug in the flash variation is a fly every angler ought to have in their box. Brightly colored but still buggy, this fishing fly works wonders throughout the whole year, especially during the fall and winter. When even the best dry flies aren’t doing the trick, nymphs are the way to go. Tying in a Lightning Bug nymph as your lead fly with more subtle and natural nymphs below it is a great approach. Trout often see the flashy lead fly and if they don’t bite that one, they will take one of the nymphs trailing below. If you want to catch more fish, no matter the situation, be sure to have a few flashy nymphs like this.