dragon fly nymph brown beadhead
Dragon Fly Nymph Brown – Beadhead
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Dragon Fly Nymph Brown – Beadhead


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A nymph fly pattern that imitates a variety of aquatic larvae including dragonflies. An important fly to include when targeting any species of still-water fish.

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The Dragon Fly Nymph in brown not only imitates the larvae of dragon and damselflies but can also work as a Pheasant Tail nymph would. With bead eyes, to add an extra level of attractiveness that seems to allow these nymphs to perform better than traditional nymph fly patterns. Tying these beneath a stimulator or damsel dry fly pattern can be deadly when targeting the nooks and crannies by the banks of lakes and ponds. A few Dragon Fly nymphs make your fly box ready for anything.