dragon fly nymph olive beadhead
Dragon Fly Nymph Olive – Beadhead
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Dragon Fly Nymph Olive – Beadhead


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A green bead-eyed nymph for fishing waters across the country. From still-water to deep-pocketed rivers, this universal nymph pattern is a must-have.

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The Dragon Fly nymph in Olive is a buggy nymphing pattern for imitating the larvae of dragon and damselflies. As one of the top fly patterns for targeting either of these insects, these nymphs are most productive in still water areas. When approaching an inlet holding fish near a lake or pond, creep up and move slowly, like a bird of prey. Cast these nymphs out and give them jigs and twitches. Often times big fish using logs and rocks as cover will attack these fishing flies hard. An essential nymph pattern for still water fishing or rivers with dragonflies in the area.