tentwing hopper parachute fly
Tentwing Hopper – Parachute
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Tentwing Hopper – Parachute


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A hi-vis high floating terrestrial fly pattern for imitating grasshoppers. These float high and fish well during the summer.

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The Tentwing Hopper is one of the best flies for a hopper imitation that both floats well and is easy to see. A great fly to have in the summer when grasshoppers are abundant near just about every river in the country. Hopper season is one of the best times for fly fishing during the year-long season. From July to August, trout target grasshoppers all day long. Fishing these on a dead drift and twitching them in the water is made easy by how well it floats and the visibility of the top post. This season try out the Tentwing Hopper, it’s a great fly.