chernobyl ant brown tan fly
Chernobyl Ant Brown/Tan
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Chernobyl Ant Brown/Tan

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A high-floating terrestrial pattern in the natural coloring with yellow posts for visibility. This trout fly imitates a variety of terrestrials and works best in the summer.

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The Chernobyl Ant is a universal fishing fly for chasing trout in the summertime. They float better than most flies and are productive just about every day of the season. Reach for these flies in between hatches when the typical mayfly and caddis patterns aren’t doing the trick. Trout love to eat ants, beetles, and grasshoppers and this terrestrial pattern imitates all three. Cast this trout fly upstream and let it float down on a dead drift by holding up your fly rod to reduce slack line on the water. Mending the line upstream or into slower-moving water will allow for a longer and more realistic drift as well. If you tie on this fly and fish it right, you’ll be guaranteed to catch more fish.