flying ant red terrestrial fly
Flying Ant Red
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Flying Ant Red


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An ant imitation that works year-round, but especially in July and August. Ants account for the majority of food sources for trout across the country.

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The Flying Ant in red is often seen in the box of every seasoned fly angler across the country. A study was conducted which resulted in the conclusion that ants make up around 80% of trout’s diet. While aquatic insects are not available year-round, ants often are. The ant season really picks up during the spring when new leaves begin to sprout from the trees. This trend of trout-eating ants will continue through the summer and into the fall. This red ant in particular just adds a bit of extra attraction to the already productive design. Whether your fishing a wide river or a small creek, the red ant is often one of your best choices to tie on first.