daddy long legs terrestrial fly
Daddy Long Legs
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Daddy Long Legs

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A buggy trout fly for imitating crane flies. A great fly to cast in rivers and still water throughout spring and summer.

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The Daddy Long Legs imitate the large crane fly. These are the bugs many were scared of as kids because they look like massive, mutated mosquitoes. The reality is, they are harmless and actually easy to catch in your hand. They are also eaten by trout quite often on rivers and lakes. You can find them buzzing around the water, in the grass, or stuck to spiderwebs. When you see them and trout are rising, tie one on and maintain a dead drift by keeping your fly rod high. The goal is to imitate a crane fly that is injured and floating in the water. A few of these fishing flies will give you the perfect option in your box if you see crane flies in the area.